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"I love how I can send out mailers from LGPass and how that process can be easily delegated and scaled! I also love how easy it is to create deeds within the system!" -Adam Olsen

"The land business is best pursued by anyone driven to find freedom in their lives. Automation is a key feature of creating a business that allows you freedom. In my mind, LGPass is not only a tool tailor-made for land investors, but is essential to my search for freedom." -Cooper Walker

"LG pass is a system that has changed my life! The efficiency of sending mail is off the charts! It has kept me more consistent than ever in moving my business forward. Not to mention that it functions as a CRM! The built in ability to track customer interactions, search mailers and it can create county specific deeds at the click of a button! You will not move the needle faster or farther than LG pass! Thank you Mark and Scott for your incredible work! " -Kevin Levy

"Recently started LG Pass and I have to say it saves more time than anything I have come across in this business this far. Doing a sale without is cumbersome and allows for typos and mistakes to easily creep into the process making you look less professional and trustworthy. It is an essential tool for the Land Business. Thanks for making a great product!" -Dan Joestgen

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Yes, Add L.O.T.S. Season One

Look Over Tates Shoulder and get an inside look how "The Big Papa" Tate Litchfield runs his business.  This is way better than any Netflix show!

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